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Life Begins at Fifty – what it’s all about

Here’s a You Tube video which I like to call ‘Size matters!’ It’s me talking about how we all tend to play ‘small’ instead of ‘big’. Shame!


This You Tube video might just give you an inkling about how my life took a turn for the better once I turned 50 and decided to walk away from my ‘safe’ job in estate agency, rent my house out for 6 months and head off around the world with my 19-year-old daughter.  Life has, literally, never been the same since, thank the Lord!

Since then, I’ve done things I never dreamed that I was capable of, the most obvious of which is writing Life Begins at Fifty about our hilarious world trip.  In my experience, getting out of your comfort zone and doing some wild and whacky things (like skydiving, white-water rafting, hiking up glaciers, jumping off a waterfall and posing naked in front of one!) gives you a completely different perspective on life – more confidence, more chutzpah, more inclination to just go for whatever it is you want out of life.

My mission is to inspire each and every person, whatever their age,  to get out there and start really living each day as if it’s their last (because one day it will be)  rather than just putting up with a humdrum, ‘hamster in a wheel’ existence.  What a waste!  Life is precious!  It’s meant to be fun!

When do we start?