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I was recently laughing my cap off at the latest Oscar furore about the fact that Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway had been given the wrong envelope, which resulted in them announcing La La Land as best picture, when in actual fact it should have been another film.  Apparently Emma Stone (who had already won an award for Best Actress) had already launched into her victory speech when a producer of the show marched up onto the stage and said something to the effect that it wasn’t a joke, Moonlight had in fact won and could they please hand over the Oscar.

Now I know it must have been incredibly embarrassing, mortifying even, but when I read the newspaper headlines the next day, Emma was stating that it was the worse night of her life.  Much as I love watching the beautiful Emma in action, I remember thinking, ‘Oh, come on, I think that’s a bit over-dramatic.’   Worst night of your life?  If you’re told someone that you love has died, or you’ve been diagnosed with an incurable illness, not some silly Tinseltown awards ceremony cock up.

And then, allehuia!   There was Ryan Gosling (who hadn’t won any awards, boo hoo) pictured with his hand over his mouth, obviously in a fit of schoolboy giggles and hardly able to contain himself.  He seemed to be the only person at the Oscars who could actually see the funny side in what was happening, whereas all around him seemed to be heading for a meltdown.  Thank the Lord for someone who has a sense of humour and also, more importantly, a sense of perspective about life.

I remember seeing him on the Graham Norton Show recently and Graham, as per usual, produced this cringe-worthy video of a young Ryan with spiky hair, silky harem pants and T-shirt doing his best disco dancing moves with a troupe of girls.  It was absolutely hilarious for the viewing public, but most movie stars would have been red as a beetroot from head to foot.  Not Ryan.  He chuckled and said he would have liked to have blamed someone else had chosen his clothes, but no, he’d chose them and thought he looked absolutely greaaat at the time.

We need more people like Ryan Gosling in this world!  People get so stressed about the most ridiculous things in life (including me, on occasion).   Have you ever sent a text, thinking you’re the funniest person in the world and then, once you’ve pressed SEND, had a reread and thought, ‘Aaaaarrrgghhhh, what did I send that for?  How could I have thought it was funny?’  And then got yourself all het up about it for a good few days, wondering what they might think of you, because they haven’t replied, you’ve upset them, you’ve offended them, you’ve….. and then a few days later you get a similarly funny reply and they apologise for the late response – they were just really busy.  Yes, it happened to me recently…but after a few hours I’d already come to the conclusion that if they weren’t game on for a laugh, then maybe they shouldn’t be in my life anyway.  We need more people who see life through a funny lense!

You see, I like to laugh!  I suppose I’m renowned for it.  My children are forever raising their eyebrows or rolling their eyes as I come out with yet another purler, probably because sometimes they’d prefer it if I was a quiet, ‘normal’ mum.   No chance!   I remember years ago, when my daughter was about 9, one of the girls in the office asked Nicola if I was always happy, and, bless her, she replied, ‘Yes, she even sings on a morning.’  She’s now 29 and recently growled, ‘Have you ever thought you might be a bit too perky on a morning.’

I don’t want to sound like a saint, because I definitely ain’t…I’m very human.  I have my ups and downs, my wonderful times and my sad times like everyone else, but my default setting is to laugh at life, rather than get bogged down in the doom and gloom.  I mean, we only come this way once.  It would be a shame if we spent our time moaning and groaning instead of having a giggle.   Laughter really is the best medicine!


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