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Twiggy recently admitted that the most important thing that she had learnt in life was self-belief. When she was a skinny 15-year-old with pipe-cleaner legs and a boyish figure, a young guy, who just happened to be a photographer’s assistant asked her if she was a model.  She’d had no idea, up until that point, that she had the potential to be one.  It was the moment that changed her life, because from that moment on she had the belief that she could be one.

So, here’s the thing…she didn’t rush out and have botox, a trout pout, an eyebrow wax, enlarge her boobs to a 34 DD, get the fat from her tummy implanted in her bum or any other such ridiculous beauty treatment.    She realised that what God had given her was enough.  She was perfect just the way she was.  She had the self-confidence to believe that she had what it takes to be a model, even though she was told she was too skinny.  So when Leonard of Mayfair asked for willing models for his new crop haircut, she didn’t hesitate and was soon spotted by a modelling agency…and the rest, as they say, is history.

Now let’s recap a little here…from the moment the young photographer’s assistant asked her to dance and gave her a compliment, she had a eureka moment and suddenly realised her potential, her self-worth and admitted that since then that inner confidence has formed the basis of all the decisions she has made in life, from giving up modelling in 1970 to become an actress, to becoming a mother, to designing clothes for Marks and Spencer.

Now let’s fast forward to 2016.  Gwyneth Paltrow makes headlines for announcing that she allows a swarm of bees to sting her to boost her looks, which is so crazy as to be farcical really.  But the really scary thing is that Gwynnie has a ‘lifestyle website’ called Goop which actually encourages people to follow her lead.  How irresponsible is that?

‘Man, it’s painful!’ she says, as if she’s been to the doctor’s to have a boil lanced.  Nooo, it’s all self-inflicted!  And to cap it all, she has beautiful, flawless skin and looks a good 10 years younger than her 43 years, but the message she is subconsciously putting across is, ‘I look great…but not great enough.’   No pain, no gain!  This is what you have to go through to look this good.  Give me strength!

Twiggy, on the other hand, still looks radiant at the age of 66.  She has wrinkles, she has bags under her eyes, she is the epitome of a life well-lived but she glows with happiness and contentment.  She is beautiful from the inside out.  Give me Twiggy any day of the week.




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