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About Helen

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Hi, my name is Helen Carver and I am the founder of Life Begins at Fifty, a company that inspires people to live the life they truly want to, rather than the life they think that they should.  I am also the author of Life Begins at Fifty, a humorous book about my travels around the world with my nineteen-year-old daughter at the ‘ripe old age’ of fifty.

Up until the age of forty-nine, I lived a really rather average life – bringing up my two daughters, and working in the family estate agency for about twenty years.  All that changed when, having recently gone through the trauma of divorce, I was both physically and mentally exhausted and hit rock bottom.

I was sick to death of just existing, pedalling faster and faster in the ‘hamster wheel’ of life, never having time to actually ‘smell the roses’ and really enjoy myself.  I decided that there must be more to life than this!  So, I rebelled in the most spectacular way – I quit my ‘safe’ job, rented my house out and went off travelling around the world for six months with Rachel.  Wahoo! We had an absolute ball!

As you can imagine, after the trip of a lifetime in which we went skydiving, white-water rafting, hiking up a glacier, jumping off a waterfall and posing naked in front of one, life was never, ever going to be the same again!


My first fifty years were spent doing what I thought I should and I ought.   Having experienced the absolute liberation of travelling to different countries, experiencing different cultures, meeting new people (many of whom are now life-long friends) and trying lots of madcap things, I realised the absolute joy of ‘getting out of your comfort zone’.

My aim is to inspire you to do the same!  After all, life is for living! Wahay!  We were put on this earth to be happy, not just to ‘get through’ life as best we can.  We’re meant to experience joy and laughter on a daily basis, not just every now and then.  We’re supposed to have FUN! (Maybe my book, Life Begins at Fifty will get you thinking along the right lines.)

I also discovered why some people live their whole lives sticking with the ‘tried and tested’, wishing their lives away, waiting for a rainy day that never comes, day after relentless day, never daring to live their lives differently. And why some people trust their gut instinct and lead exciting, fulfilling lives, full of happiness and joy.

I want to take you into a world where you have more, much more of that! If you’re interested in one to one coaching, workshops or even if you’d like me to do some public speaking at an event you are hosting, please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.