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Birthday celebrations

Birthday celebrations

It’s all a bit mad in my house at this time of year as both mine and my two daughters’ birthdays are all in the first few weeks of January!  Very well planned, obviously!  It always amuses me when people moan and groan about their age!  As if being a misery is going to make you look younger, for goodness sake!  I like to do the opposite – as in, just go for it!  So I put on a sexy dress, slapped on some make up and went to meet my friends (and my daughters) at the local bistro, where, apparently the diners opposite complained about our table being ‘a bit loud.’  As if!  Afterwards we ventured to a local wine bar, where, I have to say, I got a bit carried away after one sambucca too many and ended up clearing the floor whilst rocking and rolling with someone I’d never met before in my life.  Wheee!  Seriously though, I felt about 25 – even though the next morning I felt more like 105.  But it was worth it!  After all, this life is not a rehearsal!

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