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FI was whizzing through the kitchen this morning, wearing everything but my jeans, on my way to the utility room, as you do, when the postman arrives.

Now, usually he just carries on around the corner to the post box…but noooo, he parks his car at the front door and starts waving a parcel at me.

What the hell? So, I sort of reverse back out of the kitchen, whilst waving back with a manic smile on my face, looking a bit like Basil Fawlty on a bad day.

I run upstairs at a rate of knots, try desperately to find some other jeans to put on, while he’s ringing the door bell wondering why on earth I’m ignoring him.

Eventually I grab some, run downstairs, panting, and open the front door. I’ve never seen him smile quite so much in all my life. Oops!