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My friend was having a good old moan about life recently…on and on and on, and so to stem the flow of woes I reminded her that in 15 years time she would be 70.  Was she going to waste the next 15 years of her life just bemoaning her lot in life or was she going to do something about it?  As the words came out of my mouth, I was hit with the sudden realisation that in 14 years time, I, myself, will be 70.  Holy moley!  How on earth did that happen?  It seemed like only yesterday that I was 36 and now I’d somehow instantly morphed into a 56-year-old.  Aarrghhh!

I mean, age, per se, doesn’t actually bother me.  I mean, no one wants to get more wrinkles,  more crows feet and saggier skin (not to mention other areas that seem intent on going south of their own accord). But even though, year after year, I look at myself in the mirror on a morning and wonder who the hell it is that is staring back at me,  and I’m forever muttering, ‘Thank God for make up,’ I’ve always known, deep down, that what ever changes my body chooses to throw at me, it is better than the alternative…not being alive to witness the ageing process, not getting older.

The shocking news that Prince and Victoria Wood, 57 and 62 respectively, have had their lives taken away somewhat prematurely is a timely reminder that this life is not a rehearsal.  We’re not here just to fill in time, to just exist, to make do.  We’re here to LIVE, to be happy and joyous, to make the most of our precious time on this earth and to make every second count.

How many hours and days do we waste moaning and groaning about small, insignificant things when we could be putting all that energy to much better use; doing something positive, life-affirming, life-changing, exciting, amazing?  What a waste!  We could be out there making a difference, even if it’s just a small difference, such as putting a smile on somebody’s face.  I mean, why the heck would you frown when you can smile?  Why make enemies when you can make friends?  Why make waves when you can let that niggle go right over your head?   If you knew that you only had 5 years to live, how would you live your life differently?  Just a thought!


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