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walking with feeling


noone walks in your shoes

A few months ago I was feeling a bit jaded – stiff neck, aching back and sore knee; probably something to do with me rocking and rolling in the local wine bar on my birthday!  But there is nothing like a few aches and pains, which inevitably stop you doing some of the things you love, for making you feel a tad geriatric – and the Derby and Joan Club is one club I’ve never wanted to join.

However, serendipity stepped in, just as I was thinking about putting away my dancing shoes.   I was introduced to Tommy Olausson, a thirty-something Swedish guy who has developed a new way of walking, one which relaxes your whole posture, softens your contact with the ground, advises shorter strides and less tension.

Tommy, an ex-professional footballer, who is now a highly qualified osteopath, amongst other things, has spent the last 17 years perfecting and researching this new walking philosophy and over the last 10 weeks he has been sharing his technique with me and coaxing me to walk ‘like a lion’ rather than a sergeant major.

I was initially a bit sceptical, wondering if my posture was finally going to go to pot, and yet his tuition almost crept into my subconscious mind.  As my daughter strode next to the nearby river with me shouting, ‘Come on mother, get a move on!’ I preferred to do my lion walk, telling her my body was a temple and I was looking after it accordingly.  There was a lot of snorting going on at her end.

But here’s the thing!  The proof is in the pudding.  I no longer have problems with my neck, back and knee.  My body feels really flexible and, even though I recently joined a Zumba class after a year’s absence and nearly had a heart attack in the process, my actual limbs were tip top.  Amazing!

And, even though my daughters think I’ve lost the plot (no change there then) I’ll continue my jungle walk, simply because I still want to be able to do all things I love well into my nineties, not be curtailed by a creaking body in my mere fifties.  Thank you, Tommy Olausson, for tricking my body into thinking it is 26 rather than 56!  Yay!  If you’d like to find out more, go to


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