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At the age of fifty, I walked away from my job of nearly 20 years standing, leapt out of my safe and cosy comfort zone and went off travelling around the world for 6 months with my 19-year-old daughter.  The decision to take that ‘leap of faith’ was scary… what about my job, my security, my life?  However the thought of not doing so was even more scary… same old, same old, same old.

I went because I didn’t want to regret not going!  I went because I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life bemoaning the fact that I wasn’t brave enough to do something completely different and life-affirming.

I don’t want to grow old gracefully… I want to grow old disgracefully.  I want to skid into heaven (eventually) saying, ‘Wahoo!  I nailed it!’ rather than glide in with manicured nails and a perfect hairdo.

You’ve come to this page for a reason.  I’m guessing that you want to start living your life differently but don’t really have a clue where to begin.  That’s where I come in.  I’m going to give you back your joie de vivre, your oomph, your chutzpah!

We’re going to have fun, adventure and I’m going to put the smile back on your face! It’s my mission to make sure you start enjoying life again. I’m not saying that you have to travel…I’m saying that if you have a dream (and lets face it, we ALL have a dream, don’t we, even if no one knows about it but ourselves?), then I want to give you the confidence to just go for it.

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